other countries offering Personal Residency, Citizenship and/or Business Residency (including e-residency):

North America

Canada – United States

Central America

Antigua and Barbuda – Panama – Dominica – Grenada – Saint Lucia – St Kitts


SCHENGEN:   Belgium – France – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Latvia – Malta – Netherlands – Portugal – Spain – Switzerland

OTHER:   Albania – Bulgaria – Cyprus – Ireland – Jersey – Macedonia –  Monaco – Montenego  – Serbia – United Kingdom



Middle east

United Arab Emirates


Hong Kong – Malaysia – Singapore




*You will not pay a penny more than with any other agents… as these programs fees are per-established (And here is another good reason to go through us > about us )

*You never send money directly to “Nomad Residency”. You send all your funds directly to the Government designated account which is exclusively allocated, depending of your country of citizenship and/or jurisdiction of your choice.


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