Nomads, keep traveling…

but have a legal residency somewhere!

among best Investment programs giving Permanent Residency permits:

PANAMA (Investment USD $300,000)

MALTA (Investment EUR 250,000 . Financing available)

HUNGARY (minimum Business Investment EUR 25,000)

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Hungary Business immigration  

Hungary offers temporary and permanent residence permits to business owners who take an active role in their company as directors (it is slower and more elaborate process to obtain residency, but still excellent alternative for those wanting to establish themselves in Hungary)

EUR   5,000 package includes:

  • company incorporation
  • bank account opening assistance
  • VAT registration
  • registered office and mail forwarding / processing for one year
  • business plan for the purposes of residency application
  • tax number & social security number for applicant (company director)
  • residency application (consulting and paperwork assistance)
  • invitation letter (issued by our company)
  • housing search (one apartment)

(minimum Business Investment : EUR 25,000 for franchise, or  EUR 200,000 for Real Estate)

Hungarian residency bond program

(This Bond program is suspended until further notice… but a Hungarian Business (real estate or franchise) can still get you Residency Permit in Hungary. OR you can also choose among another country’s Investment Programs, such as Malta in Europe (and others) . Contact us for all our other options

Hungary’s immigrant investor program (also known as “golden visa”) has the following benefits in comparison with other similar programs:

  • most affordable Investment program in Europe
  • 100% government-backed, risk-free investment
  • fastest: get Permanent residency in just a few weeks
  • no Hungarian address required
  • no obligation to come or stay in Hungary
  • covers your whole family (spouse and children under 18)
  • dependent adult children & parents may be included (extra charge)
  • no financial requirement besides Bond Investment and processing fee
  • no requirements of education, language, work experience, health check
  • no country of origin restrictions

benefits of Hungary Residency

  • it is Permanent, for life.
  • residency in a reputable, safe, central, onshore European country
  • visa-free travel to and within the Schengen zone (Europe)
  • access to vast market of EU
  • possibility of living full time in Europe
  • although you can, No obligation to visit or live in Hungary
  • possibility of having legal address in Hungary
  • possibility to buy landed properties
  • possibility to work and/or establish a business
  • can ease obtaining work visa in other European countries
  • possibility of obtaining Drivers license (fee apply)
  • possibility of bank accounts (in Hungary & other European countries)
  • possibility of buying healthcare insurance in Europe


  • possibility of Hungarian citizenship/passport after 8 years
  • passport holder can live & work anywhere in European Union
  • Hungary accepts dual citizenship
  • although you could, no need to give up your current citizenship


  • no need to report or pay taxes if you stay less than 180 days/year
  • only pay 15% taxes on local income (if any)
  • option of tax residency (low personal taxes : 15%)
  • Hungary has tax treaty with most countries
  • option of Business residency (10% on net profit on up to HUF 500 Million)


  • EUR 300,000  Investment (returned at end of 5-year term. 100% risk free)
  • EUR   60,000  One-time processing fee (for whole family)
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    • Discount for already Nomads and Expats (only available through us)
    • Financing options available  (don’t have all the funds? still possible!)


*You will not pay a penny more than with any other agents… as this program is ruled by the Hungarian Government… and all fees are per-established (And here is another good reason to go through us > about us )

*You never send money directly to “Nomad Residency”. You send all your funds directly to the Government designated account which is exclusively allocated, depending of your country of citizenship and/or current residency.


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